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Have you been looking for your next career move in an agile environment, where you are expected to act instead of asking for permissions? Are you an HR enthusiast who hasn’t found the right professional home yet? Or do you just want to achieve more than you are currently achieving?

Are you in the early stages of your HRM career (yet not necessarily in your professional) and dying to get your hands dirty? If this sounds anything remotely close to your heart, our little team of three might be just right for you!

Join us at Sievo! As a company and a team we are definitely one of a kind. Like every growing company with a small People team we try to survive on a weekly basis with whatever comes along. And yes, that might be whatever. But we do make an unbelievable amount of things happen. We are rock stars (at least if you ask us). We are probably not the most detail oriented people, so it might be a good thing if you were. As long as you don’t get too frustrated if things aren’t always perfectly organised.

It’s sometimes a wonderful mess. But it helps if you can laugh with us, because we laugh a lot. We are definitely not an uptight or boring team and have heard comments like “I have never met HR people like you before”. Is that a good thing? You decide.

There is no typical working day. Your day might include

  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Working as a recruitment assistant; communicating with top professionals interested in Sievo, collaborating with our managers and taking care of the recruitment administration
  • Posting on social media
  • Doing administrative tasks
  • Working on a development project you came up with yourself
  • Giving trainings and instructions to Sievonians
  • Cleaning and reminding others to clean the kitchen
  • Planning and arranging celebrations

The best combination of abilities to be successful in this role would be:

  • Any education that makes you succeed in this role and develop it (please tell us how your education is relevant!)
  • People (other than your mum) consider you to be a smart person
  • Not taking yourself too seriously (and not being an asshole)
  • Willingness to do different kinds of office tasks
  • Interest to grow professionally in the field of People & Recruitment
  • Excellent communication skills, both spoken and written
  • You enjoy using Social media as a tool and like to write stories in English
  • Your English is excellent, also your Finnish needs to be good enough to handle the day-to-day operations and communicate with officials
  • You’re observant, approachable, interested and detail-oriented (at least a little bit)

We will offer you a lovely combination of people, talent, company growth and multinational surroundings. You will be one of the key elements in the company, you will know everybody and be approached by everyone in your day-to-day tasks. Also, there is extended health care, lunch + culture + transportation vouchers, mobile and home internet connection benefit, delicious snacks and great celebrations at the office. Your career path with us would be undetermined but steadily secured as a permanent position located in the heart of Helsinki city with good transportation possibilities.

Now we would like to hear from you. Please prepare a good presentation of yourself in the form of a CV and cover letter and send it through our ATS system by the 26th of August the latest. Also, please add a max. 2 minutes long video, advertising yourself for the position (we appreciate creativity, personality and putting yourself on the line).

Any further information about Sievo you can find from www.sievo.com. Also if you have any questions about the position, please contact our VP, People Anna Tapiovaara +358 44 082 0007/ anna.tapiovaara@sievo.com (available July 30th to August 3rd and August 20th to August 29th)

Great place to work

Best colleagues in the world

Great location

Family friendly

Borrow office for own events

Remote work

Extensive healthcare

Sports and culture

Self Development

Awesome parties

About Sievo

We welcome you to the leading Procurement Analytics software company of the world. Love the freedom of working in a growth company with talented and passionate people - the family of Sievonians. We live by the "Get shit done - and relax after" manifesto. So if you want to enjoy your life as a whole, including sustainably paced work with good benefits - join us.

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