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Summer IT Dude(tte)

Apply at latest: 1.1.2020 Helsinki, Finland

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Hey there, love IT? And looking for to start your summer already in February part-time?

We are in the need of a junior part-time backup for our IT Manager Mikko. It’s important for the Sievonians to be able do their jobs globally and our IT is quite central to that. As the IT Dude(tte) you would be in the front line to troubleshoot IT issues, from the very basics to the much more advanced.

So, are you service minded with the ability to learn fast? We like you already! A lot of things have already been done, and constantly putting the effort on automating everything possible. Are you also lazy but skillful with vast potential? You’ d be perfect, because who wants to do the same thing twice!

For great people (= Sievonians) we offer great learning opportunities with outstanding people culture and office atmosphere, with:

  • Lunch card (lunch compensation)

    • Max. 210 €/month, on which Sievo compensates 25%
  • Sievo Laas
  • Extensive Health Care from Terveystalo
  • Culture/Sport and Transportation vouchers (Max. 400€/year)
  • Self Development
  • The office available for own use
  • Coffee, tea, fruits on the house
  • 3-4 Sievo days / year and other events
  • A family to work with

You’d be perfect if you already know how to:

  • Do the basic IT stuff even in your sleep
  • Use Google
  • Communicate comfortably in English (both written and spoken)
  • Handle the workstation environment (Create/update installation images and also install them)
  • Make sure everything’s in working order at the office (switches, WiFi access points, etc.)
  • Help users with their requests
  • Do other tasks related to internal IT according to your skills and interests
  • Fiddle around with internal IT’s servers

Some of these hopefully sound familiar to you:

  • Hyper-V
  • Windows servers/workstations
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Intune
  • PowerShell
  • Office365
  • Azure AD
  • SQL

But enough with the technical bullshit, more important is what you are like as a person. Hopefully you can relate to at least some of the following traits: (If you do, you’re the right fit for the Sievo family!)

  • Are eager (and smart enough) to learn new things quite quickly
  • Have the initiative to do something about processes you see could be improved
  • Don’t slack around too much, you shouldn’t be too comfortable with the “status quo” (playing a couple games of pool is fine though)
  • Can handle the responsibility and occasional pressure
  • Are somewhat a people person – you would be helping everyone at Sievo on a daily basis, and definitely be one of the go-to people in the company

The position can be part-time at first, and full-time during summer. Continuing in the role will be agreed separately after the summer. We hope you could start already in February.

Send us a presentation of you and your skills with a CV before the end of year (the latest). We will get back to you soon and invite you for a f2f interview with Mikko. If you have any questions, just be brave and shoot them, now! Details below.

At this time, we accept only applicants eligible and already permitted to work in the EU area.

Great place to work

Best colleagues in the world

Great location

Family friendly

Borrow office for own events

Remote work

Extensive healthcare

Sports and culture

Self Development

Awesome parties

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