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What happens when 113 Sievonians travel to Berlin?

Anna Tapiovaara

Vice President, People

At Sievo, we have developed a yearly tradition of travelling abroad together with the whole team. We have been to Tallinn, Riga and Prague already, and this year it was time for Berlin, with over 110 Sievonians spending a couple of days in the city.

What is it all about? Well there are a couple of things that happen when Sievonians take over a city.

  1. We get to spend time together. Staying several days in one location brings people closer together. You really get to know your colleagues and relax with them when you can enjoy their company away from your daily tasks and routines (and the office). And you end up getting to know people you don’t normally work with.
  2. We work together: getting away from the office together lets us develop things beyond our normal work. This year, we spent time workshopping around Sievo’s purpose and discussing both our individual purposes at Sievo and the collective purpose of Sievo.
  3. We organize through a gigantic Whatsapp group. For a big part of the trip, Sievonians self-organized and communicated through a common Whatsapp group, sharing their current locations, posting pictures of what they have seen and planning common activities. Exploring a city as a single group of over a hundred people would have been cumbersome, but through the group everybody could join and switch between smaller groups based on their own interest.
  4. Some of us visit Hannover. Hannover is a city / state of mind where one might find oneself after a long night (or two) of heavy drinking. Some of us go running instead.

If you want to know what it looked like, check out this video:

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