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Procurement ❤️ Finance – the story behind the book

Lari Numminen

Chief Marketing Officer

At Sievo we’ve always done things differently.

When others express their thoughts in short LinkedIn posts or Tweets, we’ve often chosen the long road. In a famous example, we wrote a whole book in 2011 to help procurement connect with finance.

As of today, we’ve shared over 8,000 copies of PCF© Procurement Contribution to Financial Performance personally to our valued customers, friends and procurement enthusiasts we meet at trade fairs.

Procurement Contribution to Finance - PCF

The book title may not have been the most catchy, but our little red PCF© book proved popular and people often requested copies on our website. The most exotic locations we’ve sent books include Mozambique and Indonesia.

After our second print edition it became clear that the book needed a bigger update. The original book was authored by our executive team to explain how to prove realized procurement savings to key stakeholders. Since then Sievo has grown both in team and in our solution offering and we can now lift the veil on a completely revised 3rd edition.

Procurement Loves Finance Header

Procurement Loves Finance is a new book written by Sievo. It helps you tackle the vitally important challenge of proving realized procurement savings to finance, but it goes much beyond it.

The key thematic update is that chapters are now signed off by true domain experts, our solution Product Managers. They provide tangible examples and calculations based on real-world customer cases.

Another key change is that the book now covers our unique approach to procurement spend forecasting. It’s not enough today to prove procurement contribution to the bottom line, now it’s time to predict and influence future profitability!

This book was written by Sievo. The number of contributors is too long to mention, but an especial mention goes to the author of our foreword, Christian Lindskov Alsø, Group Chief Procurement Officer at ISS World Services.

Procurement Loves Finance Outline

If you’re looking to add love to your relationship with finance, or you’re ready to realize procurement contribution to financial performance, this book is for you.

Download it. Read it. We promise you it’s all worth it.

Procurement and Finance

Link to free pdf-download: Procurement Loves Finance




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Lari Numminen

Chief Marketing Officer


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