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Superior Data Management Enables Better Spend Analysis

Lari Numminen

Chief Marketing Officer

If you’ve enjoyed your holidays over June or July, you may have missed a flurry of quality commentary of Sievo by Spend Matters, the leading procurement industry analysts.

On a broader level, Spend Matters released in June their most recent SolutionMaps for Spend and Procurement Analysis, providing rankings of different software providers based on analyst and customer feedback. The results were a big win for Sievo.

One good reason to pay close attention to Spend Matters’ SolutionMaps is that they acknowledge that procurement organizations are not all alike. Spend Matters provides recommendations for five different customer personas, from “Nimble” buyers looking for quick-to-implement solutions to “Deep” buyers looking for more sophisticated and configurable functionality.

With continued investments in both solution development and customer satisfaction, Sievo ranked exceptionally well in the Q2 2018 SolutionMap for Spend and Procurement Analytics. With comparatively high analyst and customer scores, Sievo reached the coveted “Value Leader” position for all five buyer personas. As a teaser, you can see two of the five maps below.

Spend Matters Spend and Procurement Analytics
Source: Spend Matters Spend and Procurement Analytics SolutionMap Q2 2018. For more information, visit https://spendmatters.com/solutionmap/
Source: Spend Matters Spend and Procurement Analytics SolutionMap Q2 2018. For more information, visit https://spendmatters.com/solutionmap/

Following up from the SolutionMap results, Spend Matters shared some insights on Sievo’s results through a featured article “Sievo’s Data Management Services: “The Only Right Approach” to a Standout Spend Analytics Capability.”

As a competitive advantage for Sievo, Spend Matters describes a hybrid model for data management, acknowledging that the best results may not come only from data extraction and classification tools, nor the hard work of procurement professionals. You need the combination of right tools, flexibility and experience, as we have developed at Sievo over the past 15 years.

In even further analysis in July, the Spend Matters Analyst Team also wrote a follow-up article “Sievo: What Makes It Great (Spend Analytics SolutionMap Analysis). This premium article available to Spend Matters subscribers goes deeper, providing insights on both scoring and Sievo’s data stewardship and data management practices.

Spend Matters subscribers were also given an additional perspective in a “Jaggaer Indirect vs. Sievo: spend Analysis Head-to-Head Technology Evaluation and Comparison.” Sievo’s strength in data management services reflected also in this head-to-head comparison, showing above average results across a number of evaluation factors.

Overall, a consistent theme from Spend Matters recent coverage is that “Sievo sets the standard for data management.” With better data management, you enable users to take control of their own data, leading to better spend analysis.

For more information and more spend analysis sector coverage, visit and register for access at spendmatters.com.

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