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Sievo in Value Leader Quadrant | Spend Matters Solution Map

News Jun 14, 2022

Sievo strengthens their position in the "Value Leader" Quadrant in the Spring 2022 Spend Matters SolutionMap rankings for 69 procurement technology vendors across the S2P landscape. 

Spend Matters Solution Map Spring 2022

View the full report here: https://spendmatters.com/solutionmap/ 

Here's what Heta Ruikka, VP of Product Management at Sievo, had to say about the announcement:

"We have strengthened our position as value leader of spend and procurement analytics solution rankings by Spend Matters. Our spend analytics solution is not an island, but developed together with our customers and partners to cater to procurement user needs and use cases."


Hear from Jason Busch, Founder and Lead Research Analyst at Spend Matters, on how Spend Analytics is an expanding sector with ever-growing applications: 

"Spend analytics is expanding to broader 'supply' analytics in more advanced procurement organizations. Technology that supports spend analytics efforts includes spend classification, broader data layer support, reporting, report building, scorecarding and benchmarking and out-of-the-box functional reporting -- and more. Spend analytics represents one of the early procurement technology implementations for artificial intelligence as well in select cases.”

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