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Sievo Brew – Best Enjoyed With Friends

Veera Leskinen

Sales specialist

We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and bring our people together. We wanted to create something that represents Sievo and puts an emphasis on the values we live by. Something that would not only unite the fellow Sievonians but also our friends around us.

While reflecting on what Sievo represents, we came up with adjectives such as brave and sincere yet easygoing, fun, lively and innovative with a kick. What would be the epitome of these? Yes, beer.

We got to work. The brewing process was intense, time consuming and took a whole team of Sievonians in order to hit it right. Many tastings and failed attempts later we were satisfied. The label was created by our talented Content Marketing Specialist, Monica, and it was topped off with a Jaxu seal of approval.

Sievo beer

We came up with two beer flavors which go by the name of Insightful Procurement Analytics (IPA) and Friendly Pilsner.

Insightful Procurement Analytics (IPA) has a rich taste profile with flavors of mango, pineapple, cantaloupe melon and fresh citrus fruits to give it a kick. It’s brave, fun and innovative, just like us.

See you at Sievo X Friends 2020

Friendly Pilsner is a classic beer which accentuates the traditions we value. It is infused with herbal and pear flavor with a hint of citrus. It’s as sincere and easygoing as an old pal.

The fruits of our labor were unveiled in our latest Sievo X Friends event. Concluding from participant reactions, the beers were a hit.

Sievo X Friends

In order to bring out the best of the beers, we recommend enjoying them with a friend!

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