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In times like these, agile company culture is needed more than ever

Anna Tapiovaara

Vice President, People

During the past week, we at Sievo have been doing what we can to stop the spreading of the Coronavirus. This has included everybody moving to remote work. Usually most of us work closely together at our office, and visit customers on site, so this is a big change in our ways of working.

I understand that we are privileged because our business and work can be moved to remote mode. But making the decision to move to remote work, and then implementing that decision in a just one day, was made possible not just because of risk management processes and emergency plans, but because of our culture of trust, agility and self-organizing.

Sievonians are already used to adapting to new situations, making decisions and thinking for themselves. So helping, contributing and figuring out ways to adapt has come naturally to all, even in such an unpredictable, constantly changing situation. I have seen zero finger-pointing, putting blame on others or waiting for someone else to take care of stuff. And from a management point of view, there has not been a need to worry about whether Sievonians can be trusted to do their best in this new situation.

Now that we are physically apart, we have also come together online in virtual coffee rooms and chats, sharing our lives in e.g. company-wide photo challenges such as this one and communicating actively about how to best organize in the new situation.

To me, this is one more proof of how a strong company culture is a key element in creating a business that can adapt, even in times like these. I’m extremely proud to be a part of this community.


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