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Top 5 Reasons We Want More People to Move to Finland (and Join Sievo)

Matti Sillanpää

Product Manager; Co-Founder

Over the years, Sievo has grown from a small Finnish software company into a global provider for the procurement industry with people in our offices from 23 different nationalities. One in three people working in our Helsinki office are originally from somewhere else than Finland. We have seen that our diversity has not only made our company a great place to work but also been great for business.

Finland is a Great Place to Work


We recently made a survey about the reasons why Sievonians have chosen to move to Finland. As you can see from the graph depicting the results: Finnish spouses are one of the greatest recruiting asset that we have. Perhaps a bit more surprisingly, the heavy metal music scene draws people to Hell-sinki. More good reasons to move to Finland: You can get by without speaking Finnish. There are a lot of open positions available where Finnish language is not a requirement.  But why are we sharing this? We want more people from abroad to come and work at Sievo.


Top 5 Reasons We Want More People to Move to Finland (and Join Sievo)

  1. A global market and global product requires global talent. We need people from abroad to grow our business abroad and understand customers better.
  2. Diversity is the antidote to groupthink. To get the best ideas we need people who have not grown up thinking the same way.
  3. Top talent comes from anywhere. Restricting our talent pool to Finland only would mean missing out on a lot of potential.
  4. The range of languages that we hear on a daily basis at our office is refreshing. You don’t need to speak Finnish to write clean code or solve big problems.
  5. People from abroad have brought more smiles and less shyness to our office. 🙂


More Great People Should Work in Finland

We know we’re not alone. Today the Great Place to Finland 2018 list was revealed, showcasing the best workplaces in the country. It goes without saying Sievo was on the list.

If you know of any great jobs in Finland that don’t require Finnish language skills, post them today with the hashtag #WorkinFinland.

Let’s share the best jobs in Finland with the world!

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