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Lari Numminen

Chief Marketing Officer

Sievo Culture

Sievo’s Year in Review: 19 Highlights from 2019

In the far north of Finland is a small place called Korvatunturi. It’s a modest place, barely mentioned on the map. Few…

Janina Kurki

Manager, Recruitment & Onboarding

Sievo Culture

Travelling with the family – Sievo Trip 2019 to Krakow 

It’s definitely not a standard morning. The alarm is waking me up several hours earlier than normal, but still, don’t feel the tiredness. My…

Christian Totoy

Customer Development Manager

Sievo Culture

Highlights from SievoFriends Americas 2019

On September 17 -18 we hosted our valued customers and partners in Chicago for SievoFriends Americas. See the video highlights below!  …

Heta Pirttijärvi

Sievo Culture

Sievo Summer Academy Experience

In the beginning of May, 12 of us “summer seals” opened the doors to the office on the seventh floor. We sat…

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