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Ville Tukiainen

Senior UX Designer


Experience Feedbacker – Improving Customer Experience in Inventive Ways

The only way to create a truly intuitive user experience (UX) is to do it together with customers. For instance, the Service…

Ville Tukiainen

Senior UX Designer


How Sievo is improving end user experience

Consumerization is growingly influencing B2B services by raising the bar customers set for user experience (UX) design. As customers get to experience…

Ferrix Hovi

Lead Delivery Engineer, Delivery

Sievo Culture

#SIEVODEV: Turning the Big Ship Around

Sievo has a history of shedding its skin. Years ago, the product was a desktop application behind our customer’s firewall. It was…

Markus Lauttia

Vice President, Engineering


Focus on Business Outcomes to Ensure Great Results from Development

Previously we blogged about having the correct tools for the task in our technology team. We briefly introduced the idea of having concepts on…

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