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8 Marvellous Reasons to Attend Sievo X Friends

Lari Numminen

Chief Marketing Officer

June is an awesome time to experience Helsinki. The days are long and nights are short. All around the city nature is bursting to life after the long dark winter. Bright spells of sunshine often mix with a gentle sea breeze. Even the normally introverted Finns have a smile on their faces.

Best Procurement Events in Helsinki

If you ever needed a good reason to visit Finland June is also when we host our annual customer event. Time is precious and as a procurement leader there are many events to choose from. Here are eight reasons why Sievo X Friends is a marvellous event to attend each year.

  1. Learn from other customers

For many Sievo customers the opportunity to meet and learn from other users is the top reason for participating in Sievo X Friends. This year we had case presentations from Yara, Cimpress and Telenor. Overall, we had participants from over 40 companies across the world and plenty of time to connect with peers.

Cimpress Procurement Success with Sievo


  1. Explore Sievo’s product direction

What’s coming up next on the roadmap? That’s one of the key questions customers are looking to answer as they listen to the many product–focused presentations. This year, the usual keynotes by our co-founders were arguably overshadowed by a “statement of direction” presentation from our product management leads, a preview to our new analytics platform by our analytics champion and workshops on user-centric design.

User Centric Service Design


  1. Enjoy inspiring keynotes

Sievo X Friends is famous for having some amazing guest speakers. Danone’s CCPO Katharina Stenholm gave us a unique perspective to sustainable procurement. Senior Managing Director of Accenture Pierre-François Kaltenbach talked about 12 digital game changers for procurement. Finally, the speaker of the year in Finland Antti Merilehto gave us an executive introduction into artificial intelligence.

Danone Sustainable Supply Chain Procurement Sustainability


  1. Get to know your Sievo friends

There is no substitute for face-to-face time. Over the two days and three evenings of Sievo X Friends, customers got to spend plenty of time with their own Customer Development teams over meetings, dinners and many informal breaks. Rumour has it some discussions lasted all the way until dawn. :-)

Sievo and Customers - Friends


  1. Meet Sievonians across all teams

Most Sievonians love to spend time with customers. During this week both MTN and ISS gave all-hands presentations to our full crew, including product managers, engineers and professional services. Across the two days, customers got to meet Sievonians across many different teams, including our friendly mascot Jaxu the Seal.

Sievonians and Jaxu


  1. Meet our partners

At Sievo we’re a part of a vibrant community of partners and collaborators. It’s no surprise then, that partners bring fresh ideas and perspectives to Sievo X Friends. In addition to our established consulting partners, this year we were delighted to host many participants from our friends at Cloudia.

Cloudia and Sievo Strategic Procurement Collaboration


  1. Turn ideas to action in workshops

If all this wasn’t enough of a reason to attend Sievo X Friends, we organized more than a dozen product-lead workshops where customers get a chance to engage our product specialists directly. This year we’ve had a big emphasis in developing customer experiences, and participants all received their own experience feed-backers.

Sievo Experience Feedbacker


8. Try our new craft beer

We had a busy week full of insights and action, but we also know how to have a good time. This year we developed two very special craft beers for our customers to enjoy. Both “Insightful Procurement Analytics (IPA)” and “Friendly Pilsner” got the seal of approval from many customers. You’ll need to join us next year to see what we come up to next!

Best Craft Beer in Procurement

The Best Beer in Procurement

See you at Sievo X Friends 2020

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