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5 Reasons to Work Remotely From Lisbon this Winter

Lari Numminen

Head of Marketing

Over 70,000 people converge on Lisbon this week for the WebSummit – an annual mega-meetup for startups, investors, and other technology enthusiasts. Most of these people will stay in town just for a few days, but why wouldn’t they stay longer?

At Sievo we have offices in Helsinki and Chicago, which are both pretty dark and cold places this time of year. To give a short respite from darkness, we’ve developed a habit of setting up a remote office someplace warm each November. Last year we were in Greece and this year we set up shop in Portugal.

5 reasons to set up a pop-up office in Lisbon:

  1. Escape the gloom. If you’re based someplace as cold and dark as Finland, it’s good to break up the long winter months with a trip somewhere warmer.
  2. Work outside the box. When you’re intensely focused on your work it’s easy to get shortsighted. Just working from a different office helps you see different perspectives.
  3. Get to know your workmates. If you work in a scale-up company chances are you don’t know all of your colleagues. Exploring a new city together is a great way for people to get to know each other.
  4. Break up your bad routines. By taking a bit of distance from your 9-5 you can also refresh some of your weekday routines, for example, by going for a jog before work or spending less time online in the evenings.
  5. Really enjoy the food and wine. Places like Portugal are famous for their culture and cuisines. You’ll enjoy a lot more if you stay here for a few weeks instead of a couple days.

With WebSummit in town, I expect it will be a manic week in Lisbon. I also expect there will many tired and gloomy faces in the airport this Thursday as people head home to colder and darker places.

If you’re a WebSummit participant looking to stay in Lisbon a bit longer, remember that Sievo will be here until the end of the month and we’re hiring.

Check out open roles at sievo.com/careers and pop over to our remote office for a chat. ;-)



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